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Plug n' Play

The Fantasy Spa Plug N Play Aspire hot tub is the ideal spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. This 2 person hot tub features 2 unique lounge seats that are perfect for time with the person you love most, or for simply enjoying some relaxing alone time. The dual lounge seats allow couples to Relax In Comfort together as the collection of 10 Stainless Steel Jets that surround the tub work to alleviate tired and sore muscles. To create a beautiful nighttime atmosphere, turn on the Multi-Colour LED Light that will showcase the peaceful movement of the soothing water. For added convenience, the Aspire comes with an accessory tray that fits across the width of the hot tub for drinks and snacks, and also includes dual towel hooks on either end of the tray.

The Aspire Specifications

Seating 2 Adults
Dimensions 6’ x 3’ 11" x 28"
Water Capacity 115 gallons/
435 litres
Weight 250 lbs./113 kg dry 1,170 lbs./531 kg  filled
Lighting System Multi-Colour LED
Jet Details 10 - All with stainless steel trim
Heater 1KW/4KW
Circulation Pump 1.5BHP, 2 speed
Ozone System Optional
Control System 110V
Includes G.F.C.I. power cord