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Caldera Paradise Series

Come To Life

 The Makena 

 89" x 89" x 36"  
6 Seats/240V 50 amp/46 Jets   


The Salina

89" x 89" x 36" 
7 Seats/240V 50 amp/40 Jets   


The Martinique

89" x 78" x 34"
5 Seats/240V 50 amp/34 Jets


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All Caldera ®Spas feature FiberCor® an innovation that revolutionizes spa insulation. Applied at 2lb. density, FiberCor® is 4-times denser than regular 1/2 lb. Urethane foam.

EcoTech® cabinet

The exclusive EcoTech® cabinet, with its rich colors and embossed grain, offers the aesthetic appeal of real wood while providing the durability and easy care.

The Foot Ridge®

The Foot Ridge® support provides a convenient anchor point to help you remain stationary while powerful jets work their magic.

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