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The Regency

52" Wall Height/Made In Canada/Buttress Free/Salt Friendly

The Vogue Regency above ground swimming pool was introduced in 2015 and quickly became a customer favourite. This unique design features Top Of The Line Engineering that makes the Regency incredibly durable, and the perfect match for our Canadian winters. The 7” resin top rails provide Stability And Style, and double as a great drink holder. 6” steel wall posts provide superior strength, while the 52” exclusive breeze wall provides style and sophistication with a one of a kind pattern. The two tone Designer Resin Top Caps blend beautifully with the mountain top/tan mosaic tile liner that incorporates shades of gold, brown, and beige. Sizes range from 12’ round – 27’ round, and 12’ x 23’ oval – 18’ x 33’ oval allowing you to find the perfect fit to complete your very own backyard sanctuary.


7" Resin Top Rails X X
6" Steel Vertical Wall Posts X X
Exclusive 52" Breeze Wall X X
Designer Resin Rail Caps X X
Beaded Blue Mount Royal Liner X X
Widemouth Skimmer X X
Return Jet X X
Hayward 19" Sand Filter   X
Hayward 1Hp Pump and Motor   X
Filter Sand   X
Hayward Chlorinator   X
Plumbing Fittings   X
10’ High Pressure Pipe   X
Shut-Off Valves   X
Resin Deck Ladder   X
Maintenance Kit   X
Deluxe Vacuum Equipment   X
Solar Blanket   X
Winter Cover   X


  • Round

    Vogue Regency Above Ground Swimming Pool
    • 12’
    • 15’
    • 18’
    • 21’
    • 24’
    • 27’
  • Oval

    Vogue Regency Above Ground Swimming Pool
    • 12’ x 23’
    • 15’ x 26’
    • 15’ x 30’
    • 18’ x 33’