Hot Tubs

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The Rendezvous

Private Escape • Intimate • 2 person hot tub

The Rendezvous is the perfect spa for tight spaces – it tucks into a corner and virtually disappears. Plus the 120V plug-and-play system is the ultimate convenience. You may not believe it at first glance, but two people can settle into this spa and get a great massage. The deep therapy seat delivers a soothing neck massage while your partner enjoys a seat of their own. You may seek personal pleasure, but this is the perfect opportunity to Rendezvous™ with your honey.



size: 75" x 75" x 29.5"
capacity/seating: 2/3
jets: 14
pumps: 1 pump - 120 gpm
electrical: 120V/15 amp or 240V/50 amp
filtration: 1 filter
water capacity: 170 gallons/644L
weight dry/full: 300lbs or 136kg/ 1545lbs or 700kg