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Nordic Hot Tubs

All-In 110V Series

Retreat All-In-110V


80" x 70" x 34"
Seats 5/110V GFCI 15 Amp/13 Jets
Stella All-In-110V


84" x 62" x 34"
Seats 3/110V GFCI 15 Amp/13 Jets
D'Amour All-In-110V


84" x 72" x 34"
Seats 2/110V GFCI 15 Amp/14 Jets
Warrior XL All-In-110V


84" Diameter x 38.5"
Seats 6/110V GFCI 15 Amp/13 Jets
Crown All-In-110V


84" Diameter x 35"
Seats 6/110V GFCI 15 Amp/15 Jets
Sport All-In-110V


78.5" Diameter x 35"
Seats 5/110V GFCI 15 Amp/15 Jets



Colour Options





Cabinet Options





Everything about a Nordic Hot Tub is straight-forward. From air controls to top side controls to jet operation, they keep it simple and easy to use.

At Nordic, Therapy is part of their S.T.A.R. Philosophy. All of their hot tubs are built to give you not only physical benefits, but psychological benefits and general health benefits as well.

At Nordic Hot Tubs, they are committed to affordable luxury. These aren’t just words or an ad slogan to them, they are a commitment. A commitment to you and to produce the best hot tub brand in the industry. Why? Because they know how much a hot tub can improve your life. If they aren’t affordable, though, it kind of defeats the purpose of being passionate about sharing their benefits, right?

Nordic doesn’t compromise when it comes to building quality into Nordic Hot Tubs. And, their quality remains the same whether you purchase a Luxury Series hot tub or an All-In-110v Plug-N-Play! This means you can be assured that ANY Nordic Hot Tub you purchase is built to last.

Each tub, from a Luxury Series hot tub to a Plug-N-Play model, is covered by the same warranty. No difference! No sacrifice in quality!

Lifetime Shell
Ten Year PermaWood™ Cabinet
Five Year Heater
Three Year Component
Three Year No-leak

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