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The Sentinel

54" Wall Height/Made In Canada/Buttress Free/Salt Friendly

The Aqua Leader Sentinel is a modern above ground swimming pool that Combines Strength And Durability With A Contemporary Design. With precision-molded connections that fit together perfectly every time, this pool provides long-term benefits you’re sure to appreciate year after year. The reliability and structure of the Sentinel’s design Eliminate The Use Of Angular Joints, which produces ultra-strong rails and a stunning continuous curve. This unmatched combination of structural integrity and a clean, contemporary design provides reliable fun for the whole family year after year. What makes Aqua Leader pools stand out is the combination of unique design quality with practicality. Using innovative styling to create smooth round or oval above ground pools with Absolutely No Angular Joints, the Sentinel’s success is a result of distinctive world-class components that make all the difference, including textured walls, ultra-strong uprights and top ledges, solid joints, and continuous-curve ledge covers.

Greystone River Tile Liner

54" Stella Wall
Resin Top Rail Cap
7" Wide Resin Vertical Posts

9" Wide Resin Top Rail


Radial 9" Resin Top Rails X X
7" Wide Vertical Posts X X
Exclusive 54" Stella Wall X X
Resin Two Piece Rail Caps X X
Beaded Outlook Liner X X
Widemouth Skimmer X X
Return Jet X X
Hayward 19" Sand Filter   X
Hayward 1Hp Pump and Motor   X
Filter Sand   X
Hayward Chlorinator   X
Plumbing Fittings   X
10’ High Pressure Pipe   X
Shut-Off Valves   X
Resin Deck Ladder   X
Maintenance Kit   X
Deluxe Vacuum Equipment   X
Solar Blanket   X
Winter Cover   X


  • Round

    The Sentinel Above Ground Pool by Aqua Leader - Pioneer Family Pools
    • 15'
    • 18'
    • 21'
    • 24'
    • 27'
    • 30'
  • Oval

    The Sentinel Above Ground Pool by Aqua Leader - Pioneer Family Pools
    • 12' x 24'
    • 15' x 26'
    • 15' x 30'
    • 18' x 33'