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The Synergy

54" Wall Height/Made In Canada/Buttress Free/Aluminum Wall/Salt Friendly

The Synergy swimming pool combines ultra-durability and modern lines to provide a sleek and stylish pool design. This pool’s resin components are made with the latest injection molding technology, providing superior durability. The colour of the resin components is solid all the way through, meaning they will never fade. Complete with a 54” high steel wall and an aluminum panel for the skimmer section, the Synergy is compatible with virtually all pool chemical systems.
The Synergy is complete with 9” wide curved resin top seats, 7”reinforced uprights with embossed patterns to stabilize the top seats, bottom tracks with exterior shields to lock the pool wall into place, 1-1/4” top tracks to safely secure the liner in position and stabilize the wall, and thermoplastic outside connectors that are flexible and fitted to the pool for strength.


9" Resin Top Rail X X
7 3/4" Resin Vertical Wall Posts X X
Two Piece Rail Cap X X
Beaded Mystery Outlook Liner X X
Exclusive 54" Aluminum Wall X X
Widemouth Skimmer X X
Return Jet X X
Hayward 19" Sand Filter   X
Hayward 1Hp Pump and Motor   X
Filter Sand   X
Hayward Chlorinator   X
Plumbing Fittings   X
10’ High Pressure Pipe   X
Resin Deck Ladder   X
Maintenance Kit   X
Deluxe Vacuum Equipment   X
Solar Blanket   X
Winter Cover   X


  • Round

    Aqua Leader Reflexion Above Ground Swimming Pool
    • 15’
    • 18’
    • 21’
    • 24’
    • 27’
  • Oval

    Aqua Leader Reflexion Above Ground Swimming Pool
    • 13’ x 24’
    • 15' x 26'
    • 15’ x 30’
    • 18’ x 33’